Brief Summary of the Group

Greengates Group is a multinational company with businesses and partnerships in all the commercial centres of the world. The Group main business operation is in the emerging market of Africa, Asia and the Middle east with its Headquarters in Nigeria.

Greengates group core business covers the real sector and services of the global economy
  • Banking
  • Fund Management
  • Stock Broking
  • Real Estate
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Industrial Packaging

Our Strength

We have our experienced team made up of time tested professional drawn from different fields and a consolidated Group Working Capital of over #15,000,000,000(Fifteen billion naira)we consider ourself a strong and competitive leaders in the sectors of the economy where we have interest.


Our Team

We are a Group that boast of the best qualified, and experienced professionals in the various industries we have interest.

Our Board

Greengates Group Board is made up of matured, erudite and renowed business leaders and academia who have distinguished themselves in different secttors of the economy.

Our board is led by Mr. Charles Onyenekwe C. an international renowned Scientist, an enterpreneur par excellence and a businessman with track records of success.

Quick Facts

  • Services include banking, fund management,stock broking, real estate, food and chemical manufacturing,and industrial packaging
  • committed to leading Safety and Environment standards
  • committed to the provision of homes for the less privileged
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