Core Business

We have dominant interest and presence in the following sectors of the global economy:


With a growing investment of over #2billion working capital in the money market of economy, we are poised to take a vantage position in the SME Banking and Finance Industry(SBFI).
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Capital Market:

Our Group has more than #3billion Gross Earning in the capital market leveraging on arbitrage and capital appreciation of equities in the emerging markets.                  ....Read more>


Real Estate:

With a growing investment of more than #3billion, we have successfully acquired, developed and delivered residential and industrial properties that remain worthy of emulation in the industry.    ....Read more>


Greengates Group's investment in the real sector of the economy is in excess of #6billion. Our manufacturing activities covers the food, chemical and packaging industry.                             ....Read more>


Manufacturers Representative & Franchising:

With over 250 offices and distribution centres all over the globe majorly in Sub-Sahara Africa and the Middle East.

We create value for both the primary producers and the finished products manufacturers of consumers' product the FMCG industry by providing and ensuring that high quality chemical ingredients are used in all the manufacturing process.

Our strong believe and practice of 'FAIR TRADE' delivers the needed value to stakeholder of our business.                                       ....Read more>